Holly Sidell

Personal Fitness Training

Training with Holly hasn't just changed by body. It has changed my whole life. - Patrick 


 "What sets Holly apart from other trainers is that she'll give you the ass-kicking workout you need but with a positive energy you don't find elsewhere. Because of her background, Holly really incorporates your mental and spiritual health into any training or practice. You want to have a fit body, but Holly helps you know how important it is to work on your mind and spirit as well." - Leanne C.






Setting you up for success and always encouraging you to aim for your personal best, I believe that as you get stronger in your body, your mind and spirit also get stronger.  As you reach your workout goals, you reach goals in other areas of your life and become a much more confident, empowered person.

Therefore, sessions also include some reiki healing, positive affirmations, and
intention-setting thrown into the mix - if so desired - so that we can truly work on the body, mind, and spirit!

One hour training sessions incorporate intervals alternating bursts of cardio with blasts of strength training.  This method:

-increases calorie burn
-increases metabolism 
-speeds up and increases fat burn
-builds stamina, strength, and endurance
-promotes toning and loss of inches
-promotes cardiovascular health
-tightens you up in all the right places

...it also keeps your body from plateuing, and from you getting bored!

An AFAA Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Natural Health Professional, Homeopath, and Certified Reiki Master, I incorporate my holistic knowledge into my training sessions. I also created a Reiki for Weightloss Program which focuses on finding and letting go of the physical, emotional, and spiritual cause of the "weight."


The best part is, I come to you - your home, your office, your set, or your private gym - in the greater Los Angeles area.


"I have worked with quite a few trainers in L.A. and working with Holly was definitely the best experience I had. Holly takes the time to get to know your goals and also how your body responds. I get bored easily, but every time we work out there were different exercises to keep things fresh. I was scared that I might bulk up, as this has happened before when I have used a trainer, even though he insisted it wasn't possible. Holly really listened, and we used lighter weights with high repetitions, which is exactly what my body needs. Holly sees working out as the whole package - physical and mental, and even takes the time to discuss eating habits and nutrition as well. I couldn't recommend her more highly!" - Ariana M











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