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Reiki for Weight Loss

 "I lost 8 pounds in the last month of the program alone!" - J.C. 
    "I’m 66 and had given up… but, now, thanks to this program, I have a whole new lease on life -I feel like I've entered a whole new phase!  I feel powerful, both spiritually and physically.  This definitely isn't a diet to be "on." Rather than focusing on leaving a certain number of pounds behind, this is something to take with me into life. I feel GREAT and I’m losing weight! Thank you, Holly!” - P.E.

"This program was invaluable... I have benefited from what I learned about myself and my relationship with food, from the small group environment, and from specific exercises such as the inner child work . I enjoy having the ability to perform Reiki on myself as part of my self-care and healing. Holly has created meditations that are quick, easy, and very effective.  As a result of this course, I have become much gentler toward myself, and much more at peace, which has carried over to more aspects of my life than just weight loss, and I can’t thank Holly enough for providing this opportunity for me" - J.M.




  "Holly's three month program was helpful on so many levels.  The progression was comfortable and organic.   I was led naturally to focus on goals of health and energy, rather than weight loss, which is what actually made the weight gradually come off!  The monthly meetings, weekly phone calls, personal calls and materials supplied were important tools, but Holly's enthusiasm and encouragement were the keys that opened the door to the tool chest." -P.M.




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Tired of the constant cycle of weight gain and loss?  Frustrated that diets, exercise, supplements, and “fads” aren’t working?


 It’s because none of those things focus on the core issue of your weight gain.  There is an emotional cause that prompts you to go for the cake when you feel guilty, the ice cream when you feel depressed, the chips when you’re stressed, or the fries when you feel invisible.   There are emotional reasons triggering you to go for the quick fix


Reiki energy healing addresses the core reason of why you can’t lose weight.


 Perhaps you are using weight as a protective barrier.  Perhaps you don’t feel you deserve to have the body or life you want.  Whatever it is, no matter how many diets you go on or supplements you take, the core issue will always be there.


Weight is the EFFECT.  What is the cause?  Heal the deep cause of your weight gain with Reiki and you will be able to end the cycle. 


With this 3 month program, we seek out the root causes of your struggle with weight and aim to release them with Reiki Energy Healing.



- Identify and eliminate false appetites

-Remove physical and emotional weight-loss blockages

-Control appetite and cravings

-Connect with your true nutritional needs and body’s wants

-Lower cortisol levels (a major cause of cause weight gain) and lose water weight by restoring the body’s natural flow of energy

-Change negative thought patterns, old programming, and self-talk that is keeping your weight on, and even causing you to gain more weight

-Break free from the root emotional cause of why you’ve been holding on to weight as a protective barrier

-Rid yourself of physical and emotional toxins

-Connect back with your body, mind, and soul’s TRUE desires

-Protect yourself from taking on other people’s energy and negativity


This THREE month program includes

-Guided Meditations and Visualizations

-Reiki Self-Treatment Guide

-28 Day Reiki for Weight Loss Kick Start Plan

-unlimited weekly intenSati fitness classes! (a value of over $200!)

*intenSati works out the body, mind and spirit in one fell swoop, burning up to 600 calories, burning muscle, strengthening, and toning all while speaking positive affirmations!

Constant individual and community support and motivation through:

-Monthly in-person group sessions

-Monthly one on one private phone coaching sessions with Holly

-Weekly group phone calls

-Private Facebook Group interaction and Daily Emails



Once you receive a Reiki attunement, you will always be able to channel Reiki healing energy.  It doesn’t go away or wear off.   You can use Reiki healing energy on yourself, on others, on animals, and on the entire world.  In this particular program, I teach you how to use Reiki on yourself to promote and encourage weight loss. 

Learning how to do Reiki yourself saves you from having to go to a practitioner, and allows you to use this technique on yourself for life! 


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