Holly Sidell


 Holly grew up as a child actor and performer in Los Angeles, something she successfully cajoled her reluctant mom to let her do. Her passion for theater deepened in middle and high school, which inspired her to minor in theater at Indiana University and study at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London, the Beverly Hills Playhouse, and the Groundlings, among others.

During a temporary (but long) break-up with acting, Holly turned her attention to the holistic healing, spirituality, and wellness field, becoming a homeopath, Reiki Master healer & teacher, and fitness instructor. She eventually found her way as a writer, contributing to the Women, GPS for the Soul, Healthy Living, and Los Angeles sections of the Huffington Post for eight years, and spent nine years as the Senior Writer for a non-profit spiritual organization.

Alas, her heart wouldn't let her stay away from the stage, her first and forever love, so they made up, and, just for the sake of sheer joy, Holly returned to it in 2014. Since then, she has been performing regularly in theater all around Los Angeles, including award-winning performances in Write Me A Murder (T.P. 2018/9 Lead Actress, Broadway World Lead Actress Nominee), and Don't Dress For Dinner (T.P. Lead Actress 2013/4), and is proud to have become a member of Force of Nature Productions theatre company. Her first foray into playwriting was in 2018, with her one-act, "The Christmas Poinsettia," followed by two other one-acts also produced and performed in North Hollywood, with more in the works. 


At the age of 38, Holly was diagnosed with aggressive, stage 2 Triple Negative Breast Cancer, and a new blog was born: So, Apparently I Have Breast Cancer, in which Holly openly and honestly shared all pieces of her journey, no holds-barred. A carrier of the BRCA 1 hereditary gene mutation (yes, the one Angelina Jolie has), Holly had additional risk factors to contend with, and took life-altering steps necessary to now be considered an ovarian cancer "pre-vivor."


In March 2020, Holly premiered her autobiographical solo show, Deconstructing Holly, at SOLOFEST 2020, the largest solo theatre festival on the West Coast, to pre-sold out crowds and rave reviews. It will next be seen at the Hollywood Fringe Festival. Sign up to be kept in the loop about all upcoming shows, or if you are interested in bringing Deconstructing Holly to a theatre or festival near you!